Meet The Trainer: Claire B!

Recently we welcomed Claire B to the fold of trainers at IntoYou! Claire is energetic, excitable, and almost as passionate about learning as she is about fitness! She says:
Health & fitness has always been a priority in my life. As a busy single mum of 2 boys I’ve always made sure to make room in my week for exercise. After many years in a corporate role &  several years in Singapore as an expat I returned to Sydney with the desire to change my life & make a difference to others. 

I became a Personal Trainer in my late 40s & have enjoyed every minute of my new life!
My passion is to encourage women of all ages to embrace a balanced, healthy lifestyle & understand that is never too late to make the changes that will make this a reality. 
Since my return to Sydney I have competed in the Crossfit Masters games,  taken part in the Spartan Race & learnt to kickbox!
I’m committed to being with my clients every step of the way on their fitness journey.  Exercise & health is as much a mental challenge as a physical one & I will be there to support you!
Which all sounds about right for working with us here! Claire is our Thursday morning trainer, so make sure you book an IntoMum or $40 PT session to meet her and try a different style of training!
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