MEET Karla! Coming on board Thursday nights!

Karla is our newest Trainer recruit and we are very excited to have her! She was first introduced to us many years ago when her daughter was an Irish Dancing athlete and trained with Clare. Her love of education and learning meant she attended a few sessions, as well as bumped in to Clare at the Filex conference a few years ago!

Karla and Charlie are already work-besties; it’s hard NOT to bond with a shared love of wine, big hair, and 80’s music! Within 5 minutes of being introduced to the team yesterday she was front and centre for a Nutbush! Be ready to rock some tunes on a Thursday night in the gym! Watch it here:

Karla is another attempt at diverging from our blonde, blue-eyed trainer template, but that is not why she was hired! Karla’s sessions are weight’s based. She has a passion for strength training and empowering people of all ages to lift, move, and feel fit. She ensures every program is balanced and trains your body evenly – a strong body makes life easier!

If you see her around, be sure to say hi!

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