Meet the 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Terry Femia

On first impressions, Terry could be described as quiet, selfless, friendly, and conservative. However, there has been another Terry bubbling away underneath, which has only appeared in the last couple of years. Over the last few years some life changing, deeply personal and emotional events have occurred for her. There has been one moment in particular where ‘her life flashed before her eyes’ ; and has inspired a series of thoughts as to what she had accomplished so far. She has been reflecting on her life and it’s meaning, and then this opportunity to go to Nepal popped up!

These events, despite being challenging, have sparked Terry to begin to step out side of her comfort zone and to live her life. Everest will be the first big step!

Terry has already made some fast friends on our hiking group. Pictured here with Kass, Jade’s mum!

Now as far as “big steps” go, Everest Base Camp would have to be one of the biggest! For her, it is a case of “now or never”, and she has decided to let go and start living life for herself. Normally Terry puts everyone else first (like every other mum i can think of); but she said yes to Everest before thinking about ANYONE else – this is new for her! She’s also looking forward to hiking along side her sister Gina.

Terry with her sister Gina (on the right) and Gina’s best friend Gretchen (middle)

Terry is hoping that the strength, determination and self belief required to get to the top of base camp will transpire to her day to day life, especially when decision making in the foreseeable future. When the going gets tough, Terry will be thinking of her family; what they have been through, what they have overcome together, and what she can prove to them through her actions. Terry is hoping to inspire her whole family in trekking to base camp. She hopes to show them that anything is possible. After all, if she can hike to Everest Base Camp, then she can also decide between a cappuccino and a long black at home!

For Terry, she feels by committing to training and hiking Everest, she has already conquered her fears! However, believing in herself is going to be one of the biggest challenges; and also the most rewarding if achieved. The spirituality, the journey, the fitness and new friendships has been an important part of the making of Everest.

Terry, on the right, at our last big adventure to the Blue Moutains

It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t let fear stop you” is the quote she came across when deciding whether or not to go to Everest. Terry has already abolished half of her fears and insecurities during training, where she was exactly in the middle of the pack – neither fast nor slow, neither struggling, nor doing it easy.

Next up, Terry would like to do Europe with my family. And of course more hiking!

Welcome to the fold Terry, we will be excited to watch your transformation!



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