Meet the 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Michele Lyons

Michele is a local mum and health enthusiast that heard about our trip last year from a fellow mum that trains at our gym. She has done other mountains and wanted to tick this bucket list goal of achieving Everest Base Camp. The timing of our trip was just perfect for her, and she set the goal for 2017 on boxing day last year. Michele has a goal every year, and in 2016 she ran a marathon. She has also completed an ocean swim, a triathlon, and more “out of her comfort zone” events in the past! For Michele, setting “wild and amazing” goals are thrilling and motivating!

For Michele, setting and achieving goals like these is about being a role model for her kids, she’ll say “don’t tell me that you’re too tired, because I was up at 5 to go to gym!

She also saw the opportunity to train with a group in the lead up as a positive, she gets to meet new people, and will know them well when we eventually hit the Himalayas. When the going gets tough, Michele knows that she has the mental toughness to dig deep. She has hiked Kokoda and Kilimanjaro, and entertains zero doubt about being competent enough to reach Everest Base Camp this year! She says “One of the reasons that I do these things, so that I can challenge myself, prove that nothing is a barrier.” Which is bloody inspiring if you ask us!!

Michele uses breathing techniques to stay calm and “get in the zone”, and she will motivate other team members with her actions as well as her words. She believes that everyone can do this, and touch is a big thing for her. Just a hand on their shoulder, to help them through.

Michele is a team player, and has a lot to teach our group!


Michele’s biggest challenge is going to be the cold. She asked us to putting it out there – that if you’re sharing a room with her she may spoon you!


She’s looking forward to being overseas and seeing Kathmandu, meeting Nepalese people, and experiencing their culture. She’s excited about seeing everyone achieve their goal, too!


Michele is not inspiring by accident, she works at it daily, monthly, and annually; through setting these goals, allowing herself to dream, and working on her mental health. She has a vision board which she refers to, and that changes over time. One of the most poignant quotes on this board came from her son’s year 5 teacher: “you don’t have to be the best, you just have to do your best”. Michele has taken that lesson to heart!

She also uses mantra’s, which she repeats to herself when she’s training or under duress. One of her favourite quotes is: “your success and happiness lie within you, resolve to keep happy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties”. With this in mind it is hard to imagine her NOT achieving her goal of Everest Base camp! Achieving EBC is the most important thing for her about this trip, however she also says that “I’m realistic, while I don’t think about the possibility that it won’t happen [achieving EBC], I will be disappointed if it doesn’t but not crushed. You can always go back. Altitude sickness is random I’m prepared for the possibility“.

We wish Michele the best of luck, and are really pleased to have her join us!

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