Meet the 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Mark Tailby

Mark has been talking about Everest Base Camp for 10 years, he always said if he sold business he’d do it. He sold his primary business supplying raw materials to signage companies through Australia a few years back, living in semi-retirement on his investment properties. Mark did not sign up to our trip on the deadline because one of his properties wasn’t occupied and his expenses were over his income for a little while. However when Belinda broke her hip, he had just sold that property and leapt at the opportunity to come with us after all!

It is important to Mark that he does what he can while he can. He believes in taking opportunities while he is physically able, and will resign himself to river cruises when he has to. He’d also like to do Kokoda, and see South America. He wants to experience different parts of the world, see the differences, enjoy some adventure, explore and talk to new people.

Mark doesn’t know how hard it will be, but believes that he has a certain level of fitness that will be enough. He has done extreme walking days before and has pulled up okay the next day. For him, his primary concern is cold fingers, they get cold easily, and he can’t warm them up again, and it it extremely uncomfortable. He says “Basically, just my determination to get there. I appreciate that it will get tough. I am concerned about cold fingers, and will make sure I am as warm and prepared as possible“.

Mark is a team player, and takes his lessons from the Baseball field: “walking up to the plate, knowing that you have to hit the ball because you’re the last or only opportunity to win the game. Focus and determination to do whatever you need to do to achieve the objective with the team. Everyone needs to do their little bit to get across the line, and we work together as a team to achieve mutual goals.”

For team mates that struggle, Mark will wait for them, and will keep an eye on them. He will just be there.



The biggest thing that Mark is looking forward to is the scenery. He says that Base Camp is the target, but it’s the scenery along the way that is most interesting.


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