Meet the 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Justine Thompson

Justine has been a part of IntoYou for many years now. She uses the gym to keep fit and strong in a non-competitive environment. She watched us last year, envious of our experience, and then a combination of events clinched her participation in this year’s trip. For Justine, Everest is a bucket list experience. A milestone birthday for herself and her partner (Mark) sparked an adventure- rather than a party- and the timing was perfect to say “yes” to the IntoYou Nepal Everest Base Camp trip.  She also managed to talk Mark into coming along so they’re looking forward to one of those “once in a life time” journeys. 

Justine in her “Muscle and Movement Screen” a few years ago, with baby-Maia in the background


It’s the entire journey that Justine is looking forward to the most. From the months of hiking training, to arriving in Nepal, to hiking Everest Base camp. Getting to the top is what she has dreamed about, but this trip has much more significance to slowing down, taking in the moment, getting grounded and about smelling the roses.


Justine is a member of the Police, and up until now a lot of her energy has been invested in her work. She has found it challenging to unwind and dissociate from the intense nature of her job. She hopes hiking to base camp will help her to unwind, to feel a sense of being grounded, feel balanced, and inspire her to achieve more adventures. 


Justine explained that in her job you learn not to trust people, and it’s difficult to relax in a crowd.  As well as the physical and mental challenge of hiking Everest, Justine’s biggest challenge may be being in a big group of people.  She hopes to enjoy the company and make new friends.

Justine, in purple, back row and third from the right. She did pretty good with the numbers!


She usually repeats to herself a tough motivation quote, but this time Justine has decided to approach it differently.  Her motto or motivation is a more gentle; “stop to smell the roses, take in all the extraordinary sights of nature, and to feel grounded“. 


Justine is hoping to relish in the peaceful, grounding nature of Nepal and taking in every bit of fresh mountain air. 


Next on the cards for Justine is Kilimanjaro, England’s Hadrians Wall and Patagonia. Go Justine!! 

In blue, 4th from the left next to her partner Mark.



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