Meet the 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Carol Watman

Carol is a single mum of 4 (plus a student) who is motivated by setting goals and achieving them. She attempted Annapurna Base Camp 20 years ago, but got altitude sickness and had to turn around. She has been thinking about going back to Nepal, and got an opportunity when one of her friend’s mentioned that we were going with the gym!

Carol is training hard, hoping to be fit enough that she makes it all the way to Everest Base Camp without getting altitude sickness, food poisoning, or gastro. This will be her 3rd attempt, and she’s terrified of getting sick because she has been sick every other time! If she gets sick again she is resigned to trying again another day, and is mentally preparing to accept this even as she takes every precaution to avoid it.

She is very self-motivated, driven to achieve, and enjoys setting goals and achieving them. She is looking forward to being a part of a team, hanging with the girls, and achieving something new each day; like a new height, new place, or new experience. For Carol, this is the definition of “winning”, and each step closer to Everest Base Camp will be a win in its own way.

Carol will motivate the others in our team by reminding them to take one step at a time. For some, the idea of EBC is overwhelming, but the idea of one step is very achievable. Making it to EBC is just a collection of “one more step’s”. Her favourite quote is “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!”. Presuming she enjoys our company, the next thing after EBC will be to come along with us again! She thoroughly enjoys the concept of a goal, training for it, and completing it!

She is excited about stepping in to Everest Base Camp. For her, the achievement will be like making it to the top, and she plans to stick a flag down to celebrate!

You can support Carol and her team by purchasing a product from Seven Women ( Seven Women is an Australian Charity that is active in Nepal, providing refuge, skills training, and employment for disadvantaged women; in a country that denies women the right to purchase property, or give them a say in marriage or divorce.

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