Meet the 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Ali Rubie!

Ali has been a member of both of Clare’s gyms, on and off for many years, since 2007! She is a massage therapist and mother to 3 very ambitious and accomplished children. She watched our Annapurna Trek in 2016 with twinges of envy, and when the opportunity came up to hike to Everest Base Camp with us, she grabbed it with both hands! She has always had a fascination with Nepal, particularly Everest, and is looking forward to the scenery, sharing an extraordinary experience with other “ordinary” people, beholding the physical beauty of the mountains, and absorbing the culture of the people who live there. She wants to get a feel for how it is to live in such a beautiful place, as she says ” The people who have the least experience the most.

The kind of scenery that excites Ali the most!


Ali finds her children a constant source of inspiration, they take on big challenges. She is inspired by them, and would like to set them a good example with her own life’s actions. She is also excited to have an adventure for herself; inspired by watching what her (grown up) children have accomplished already. If Ali hadn’t set herself this challenge, she’d definitely be setting another challenge; “I would be disappointed to miss out on this, and planning on getting there some other way. I would continue to set challenges and experience new things.”

Ali and her daughters


If one of our team is struggling, Ali plans on motivating them (and herself) by visualising what it will be like coming down the mountain in to lower altitudes. “I’d say it may be tough now, but think about how good we are going to feel going down the hill. I can’t wait to feel like a 20 year old again as we head below!” Ali is anticipating that the cold will challenge her, and being able to rest and recover at night. To mitigate the challenge she has been having cold showers everyday to try and stimulate some cold-endurance in her body! She also plans on concentrating on other things, focusing on relaxation, and immersing herself in the experience.

Ali training at IntoYou back in 2013


Ali says ” the first glimpse of Everest will be amazing. The plane ride will be a highlight! I will be excited not anxious because of the aerial view of the area. I’ll be soaking up the atmosphere from literally and figuratively being on top of the world.” Ali has been the first person to look forward to the flight into Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world! As much as she hates quoting Nike, her mantra is: “just do it.” and do it she will… She says if she fails, she will come back and try again next year! However, if she succeeds it will be “such a satisfying experience and the memories will have a dear place in my heart. I feel like I am just beginning to take that lap of faith out of my comfort zone. It is an important step towards more adventures to come. I have reached a happy place, I have been cautious and conservative, but now it is a good time to have new experiences.



Ali is recovering from Laser Eye Surgery, but will be back in her boots on Wednesday next week. Ali is an excellent Massage therapist working from Elanora Heights, and will be joining a couple of her own clients with us on this trek! For more information about her therapies please use this link. We welcome you aboard Ali, and wish you the best of luck in your adventure!

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