May Photo Challenge

You have one more week to complete Ali’s April Challenge, which is a fitness test against yourself! The biggest difference between Early April and now wins! We have something a little different for you for your May Photo Challenge, and in honour of that we have put up a massive 5 ONE on ONE PT as a prize (One session with each trainer, worth $275). May is a social media photo challenge, and here is how it works:

  • Every “check-in” at IntoYou or “tag” is worth 1 point. Instructions on HOW to check in on Facebook are here. Tagging involved typing @intoyouSFS #intoyousfs in your post!
  • If you “comment” when you check in you’ll score 2 points.
  • If you post a photo at the same time, it is worth 3 points.
  • Win a point for every additional social media forum that you share the post to (eg. Instagram and Twitter).
  • You can check in, comment, and post photos any time, any where, providing it is relevant to the gym. For example, at Surfing Group, or if you’re eating a healthy meal that Jade recommended, or if you wear an outfit that Charlie helped you pick for an event.

Most points wins the 5 PT sessions – one with each trainer! Every photo post could be worth 4 points if you do all of the above! Remember to tag @intoyousfs so that we can keep track, this tag will work on the big 3 Social Media forums (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

So get social-media savvy peeps! There are no limits!


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  1. Clare @ IntoYou
    Clare @ IntoYou says:

    Please check your posts and correct me if you think i’ve made a mistake!
    1 point for checking in
    1 point for a photo
    1 point for captioning it
    1 point for more than one social media
    (Tagging @intoyousfs is necessary – if you did all that with no tag = no points!)

    Leaderboard as of 25th May at 1pm

    CD = 30 points
    RL = 86 points
    DB = 2 points
    AH = 15 points
    SF = 109 points
    SO = 4 points

    6 days to go!

  2. Clare
    Clare says:

    I haven’t bothered counting the points again, Sandra was already a long way ahead and yesterday she posted 11 times with a photo, caption, insta share, and checkin! That’s 44 points yesterday alone … so unless someone does 20 posts today will all of those things, she is the winner winner “checkin” dinner!


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