Martin is almost unrecognisable!!!

In Martin’s words…

“...I’ve been training at Into You Fitness since Clare first started the gym back in 2012. Over the course of my time training there I’ve had the opportunity to train with Clare, Madelaine, Charlie and from 2014 I began training regularly with Jade.


When Jade became my main personal trainer I weighed around 125kg. During the first few months of training with Jade I did an average of one session a week with a large focus on weightlifting, Jade’s goal for me was to take advantage of my existing body fat and build muscle with the long-term goal of using that new muscle to burn off excess fat. In addition to our sessions Jade put together a weights program for me to do in my own time and also worked with me to put together a meal plan that focused on adding protein to my diet to support my muscle development.

Initially Jade’s plan worked well for me as I found myself noticing results quickly, seeing a noticeable change in my appearance and finding the amount of physical labor I did at work becoming easier. However gradually overtime the results I was achieving started to reverse. I eventually began neglecting all of Jade’s advice with exercise and nutrition and by the end of 2016 I had gained more weight, now weighing nearly 130kg. Jade recognised that despite all the hard work we were putting into our sessions I was unmotivated with working hard during my individual training and I lacked commitment with the meal plans she created for me.

Despite the set backs I created for myself Jade remained committed to seeing my health improve and started working with me to identify the issues that were leading me to eat poorly while also working out a solution to get me motivated to train properly in my own free time. The first change Jade had me make was changing gyms, going from a 24hour gym where I always trained alone to one where I trained with others by participating in high intensity interval training classes. This switch lead me to find new motivation in my individual training and has helped me tremendously with keeping up with my exercise weekly, going from training one to three times a week at my old gym to training almost six to seven days a week currently. Another change in my lifestyle Jade worked on was creating new meal plans with an emphasis on them being quick and simple for me to make and would be easy to manage with my changing work schedule. Jade also diversified the workouts we did in our sessions choosing to alternate frequently from doing a weight’s focused session one week to a cardio focused session the following week to a mixture of the two the week after.

 With these changes Jade made I manage to make a complete 180 with diet and exercise and I went from being 128kg at the start of 2017 to being 93kg as of writing this in mid 2018.


Despite the numerous times I would turn up to our sessions unmotivated and clearly not having looked after my well-being Jade continued to be supportive and encouraging. Since the beginning when I first started training with Jade the number of kilograms I weighed wasn’t what she focused on, it was the direction I was taking my health in. Whether I lost 2kg or 200 grams Jade has always been extremely happy of my accomplishments, as I was moving forward in the right direction with my health.

I’m looking forward to seeing more results throughout the rest of this year and excited to see the difference the weight loss has made when I participate in Tough Mudder, as well as taking part in the next cycling group to Tassie!


Sheltering from the wind

Our wet-weather team, still smiling

Stories like Martin’s provide us with constant inspiration at IntoYou! We are STOKED to be involved with improving people’s lives and wellbeing!

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