Client of the Quarter: Martin, Di, Ingrid, Bronny, & Marie!

Congratulations once again to Sue who won our last Client of the Quarter! We have enjoyed training Sue for her FREE pack of 5 sessions! Remember that you can also WIN free training and a Sample Pack this month by participating in our September Challenge! Details here.

This month you have another four worthy clients to consider for the prize. If you haven’t already, you will need to join the Client of the Quarter Facebook Group to vote: . The poll will be pinned to the top of the group page!


Martin started training at 16yrs old, and paid for his own sessions by working at Coles. He lost a lot of weight, put it back on again, lost a bit more, put a bit more on again, on and off like a merry go round for years.

Last year, Marty had huge weight loss success, unlike any he’s seen before (you can read about this here), and this time he has kept it off. His success this time was partly thanks to Jade, who met him at Virgin Active between sessions to train together, and as our Nutrition Coach, spent a lot of time working through his habits to get the balance right. The other part of his success is that he has changed his mindset. When Maddy started working with him in April this year, she enjoyed seeing how his mindset had shifted and seeing him put his health as his number one priority. He works so hard in his sessions and takes on board every little bit of advice he can. There’s nothing more rewarding than offering good advice and being listened to… and then it works!

In 2014 Martin completed our Mountain Bike NZ gym trip at over 100kg without a complaint. This year he will complete Cycle Tassie and 2/3 of what he did back then – no-one will catch him! Martin has shown persistence, humility, determination, and consistency to achieve everything he has to date, and we are STOKED to be a part of it!


Di was one of Clare’s very first clients at Definition Health Club, around 2006. She was overweight, in constant pain, and depressed. She was the inspiration that started our very first group session – Friday Groupies at 10.30am, that is STILL running – in an effort to extend people’s social groups towards people who walk, exercise, and behave healthily (rather than eating and drinking buddies). Since then she has continued the Friday Groupies session, and participates in a loosely organised walk every Thursday with her Groupie friends. She has participated in multiple Bootcamps, hiking groups, cycling & mountain biking groups over the years, as well as being one of the “originals” who came on our very first gym trip back in 2012. Since then she has come to NZ in 2014, Cambodia in 2015, Nepal in 2016 & 2017, and Cycle Tassie in 2019. From the woman who “couldn’t imagine” cycling around Samoa comes the woman who figures she’ll get around Tassie all right even though she’s been away for half the training!

Throughout all this she has halved her body weight and copes with ongoing joint pain on a daily basis. She is a living testament to a “never give up” attitude and that her life and body is a work in progress. We love having the opportunity to ride these waves with you Di! Keep on inspiring!


Ingrid is our classic “get knocked down 10 times, get up 11” person. She is inspiring because she has had to cope with one thing after another, injury-wise, but has always managed them well enough to complete what she set out to do, most recently Run Club. Ingrid came to IntoYou earlier this year with injuries, gained new ones (not at the gym!), but never quit – just modified. Very rarely does Ingrid cancel a session – she always makes them up! Despite being knocked down again and again, she has accomplished a lot this year – her back pain is better, and she’s lost huge inches!

This nomination is a nod to you, Ingrid; we see how hard you’re working and the fact that you’re being knocked down and always getting back up again, and we admire you hugely for it!


In May, Marie turned up with back pain and exhausted from life looking after a very young family. She’s got two kids under 5, and has just finished breastfeeding. Marie puts huge amounts of effort to come in for her training, overcoming her own exhaustion, the drive from Terrey Hills, the challenges that are thrown at her by her 2 year old and 5 year old… But comes she does. She is learning how to prioritise herself for just 30min a week; she’s started thinking about her food and water intake, and she’s putting a lot of effort in to changing at a challenging time of life.

As a reward for her consistency, she is improving strength and fitness. She is mostly pain free, but we still work on her core and have the occasional relapse in to back pain. This nomination is because being a mum can be hard and tiring, its hard to think of yourself, to look after yourself, but she’s doing it!

We dont have a photo of Marie! But enjoy this one of Jade, Gym-Baby-Logan, and mini-trainer-Maia!



Bronny is another one of Clare’s old clients from waaaaay back in 2005!! ClaireB has only been training her since June, and she started not long after Bronwyn had just stood up again after a debilitating back injury. Bronwyn will profess herself to “hating change”, and a change of trainer is the thing she hates the most – particularly after such an incredibly bad injury! She turned up to her first session with ClaireB fearful, resistant to change, frightened, and suspicious. Fortunately for her, ClaireB is very likable, and had the skills she needed to get moving again!

Bronny is moving better, she’s back at work, and she’s had massive strength increases. She’s still cheeky, but less whingy, less resistant to change, and more willing to try new things. Charlie says that having ClaireB train Bronwyn has actually helped her train Bronny as well; because she’s more open minded about new exercises! Charlie tells a funny story about the first time she met Bronny, who walked in and said “i already don’t like you – you’re not Jade”. Well, Charlie isn’t Jade but she IS Charlie and it didn’t take long for them to become friends!

Bronwyn also brings her son and trains with him, and ClaireB particularly likes the interaction between the two of them, the support and encouragement that is really lovely to see. Nowadays, Bronny is BRAVE! We nominate Bronwyn because she has had such a nasty injury this year, and has been brave enough to see it through – she never gave up, even when she hated the idea of a new trainer, she gave it a go and now she’s reaping the rewards!


Join the Client of the Quarter Facebook Group to vote.  The poll will be pinned to the top of the group page!

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