March Challenge by Maddy

Maddy’s March Challenge is another quickie… How many push ups can you do?

It is un-timed, but when you stop, you STOP!

Here’s how it works:

Starting on your knees or toes, complete as many push ups as you can. When you can’t do any more, drop down a level (from toes to knees, from knees to “woodpeckers” or “granny”) and keep going! It will be scored like this:

  • Toes push ups 2 points each
  • Knees push ups 1 point each
  • Bum up, granny, or woodpecker push ups 0.5 points each.

For the March Challenge, most points wins. Winners get a 30min focussed massage with Maddy!

Our Feb challengers will be completing their final attempt on the bike this week! Most improved (all of them!) win a 30min Meal Planning session with Jade!

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