Making the Perfect Bowl


They’re fashionable, enjoyable, and delicious! We’re eating bowls in our household for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a DIY extravaganza of meals! Kids love them, dads love them, mums love them – and even better, they’re super easy to prep and pack up!!

So, why doesn’t your bowl made at home compare to the one you bought up the road?

Because, the perfect bowl is a balance. There’s got to be five certain elements to be sure it’s going to blow your mind, at home, the same way it happens at the local cafe!

One example of a perfect bowl.

This one has pickled cucumbers, chickpea cous cous, mixed organic greens, goat cheese, organic eggs, tamari almonds, and bone broth BBQ sauce

So here we go:

  1. Grains : now, contrary to popular belief…. bread is not the only source of grain out there. It is highly salty (you shouldn’t be eating anything more that 400mg per 100g of sodium in any one product – read the packet), and if it’s paired with butter and/or vegemite, it blows out your recommended daily intake of sodium by the thousands.Bowls are a great way to get variety in your grains. Try them all, every different coloured rice option, all the quinoa options, millet, buckwheat, and the legume options such as chickpea cous cous (you can get it from Woollies). Grains is another way of saying carbs, so even carrots, black beans, and sweet potatoes fit this description – see if you can get your carbohydrate from something different everyday.

    Your perfect bowl should have at least 1/4 grains. Less obvious ideas include:
    ~ Sweet potato noodles
    ~ Roasted chickpeas
    ~ Sweet potato chips (roasted yourself)

  2. Pickled : the best bowls, and i mean the best, all have something pickled. Whether it’s ginger, cucumbers, carrots, olives, or sauerkraut, they’ll add spice, variety, and interest to your palate. Experiment with different products, and make your own too!
  3. Protein : If you want it to sit in your tummy for hours, then protein is key. Many women aren’t getting enough protein, and those that are, are getting it from red meat which carries a high bowel cancer risk. Under no circumstance should your bowl include processed meats like ham, bacon, or sausage (sorry!!). Instead, experiment with different protein options, and include different ones all the time. Ideas include:
    ~ fish, such as tuna, salmon, anchovies, sardines
    ~ eggs
    ~ white meats, such as organic pork and chicken
    ~ “alternative” red meats such as goat or kangaroo
    ~ legumes, such as red kidney beans, peas, and lentils. Legumes tick many boxes, as they’re high protein, high fibre, and a good source of carbohydrate for your brains.
    ~ cottage cheese and goat cheese (preferably organic to avoid the hormones that many animals are pumped with to make more milk)At least 1/4 of your bowl should be protein.

    Example of the Perfect Bowl 2

    This bowl has quinoa, bone broth vegan mayo, eggs, tomatoes, rocket, tuna, tamari almonds, and roasted fava beans

  4. Crunch : my favourite “crunches” are tamari almonds and roasted fava beans. They’re both salty too which adds to the overall bowl experience too! Other ideas include:
    ~ Dried shallots
    ~ Dried fish flakes, or anchovies
    ~ Kelp, nori, or other seaweed varietiesCrunch should be sprinkled on top.
  5. Greens : greens don’t have to appear in the form of lettuce, but they do have to be green. Ideas include:
    ~ broccoli
    ~ baby spinach, rocket, or other small-leaf green
    ~ defrosted frozen peas
    ~ kale chips (also useful for crunch)
    ~ sauteed asparagus
    ~ cabbage
    ~ sprouts or micro greensAt least half of your bowl should be green.
  6. Optional – sauce. The sauce you choose will be specific to your circumstances, for example, if iron is a struggle for you, then having a pat of pate will be beneficial. Personally, I go for the bone broth sauces from Honest to Goodness, getting a hit of flavour and collagen at the same time. Sometimes i’ll use hummus, too, and i always drown my greens in olive oil. If you’re a woman, then raw, organic, virgin olive oil is imperative for your hormonal health, a splash of vinegar is useful for diluting the sliminess if that’s a problem for you! Whatever you do, don’t cook the olive oil though – it loses it’s luster as soon as it’s heated.

    example 3 of a perfect bowl

    This one has gluten free, artisan made sourdough. I love drizzling the sourdough with olive oil and a dash of sea salt. It’s a delicious alternative to butter, and a massive step up for your health too! Also in the bowl, baby spinach, goat cheese, eggs, pickles, chia sprouts, and roasted fava beans.

Bowls are on parr with smoothies, when you’re thinking with an abundance mentality. You can boost your nutrient options through the sheer volume of variety a bowl offers.

We’d live to see your creations! Remember to tag us @IntoYouLife on social media so we can see!


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