Make One Change May 2020: Send Positive Feedback

The COVID19 pandemic was, and still is, GLOOM AND DOOM, and for many businesses – livelihood threatening. We didn’t know what was going to happen to our business, people were dropping like flies, and overnight, we went from thriving to “holey crap, will we even be in business in the next month”? In April especially, there was a lot of negativity. Death and infection rates were climbing, we couldn’t see our family or hug our best friends… so the mission for the month of May was to make a positive impact on our friends and neighbours, by sending positive feedback for the goods and services we purchased and took part in!

Don’t stop now, keep spreading the love and positivity going forward! it is not only good for these businesses, it is GREAT for you and your mental health too!

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Makes a difference doesn't it? #makeonechangemay20

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