Make One Change July 2019: Reflect

This month we simply remembered our journey of change!! It’s been a year! How did you go with the changes? What did you learn? Have you completely changed some things and fallen back into old habits in others? It’s okay if you have! Change is hard! But don’t stop trying!

So enjoy the journey! Click on the link to get more information, links to research papers, tips on achieving the change, and more!

Firstly, let’s begin with WHY we started Make One Change here.

JULY 2018: Avoid preservatives (numbers in the 200’s).

AUGUST 2018: Choose ONE fruit or vegetable from the EWG’s “dirty dozen” to buy organically from here on.

SEPTEMBER 2018: Buy biodegradable (truly, landfill-compostable type biodegradable)

OCTOBER 2018: Only buy packaged foods with less than 5g sugar per 100g.

NOVEMBER 2018: Use a zinc based sunscreen (nanoparticle free).

DECEMBER 2018: Refuse to drink from plastic.

JANUARY 2019: Become a fabric snob (natural fibres only!).

FEBRUARY 2019: Meditate.

MARCH 2019: Avoid Fragrance (parfum, perfume).

APRIL 2019: Walk daily.

MAY 2019: Only buy packaged products with less than 3g salt (or 400mg sodium) per 100g.

JUNE 2019: Wear a natural deodorant.

Good luck with your Make one Change journey! You are doing your bit to help your health, the health of your children and family, and also the planet. Together, we will make an impact!


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