Make One Change Jan 2020: Plant One Tree & Add One Indoor Plant to Your Home

This month’s change was inspired by the catastrophic bush-fire season that we Australian’s are only halfway through. We have lost thousands upon thousands of hectares of bushland, as well as the wildlife that goes with it, and it seems a small, but significant change, to start re-oxygenating our environment (as well as pulling carbon out of the environment), to start planting trees and greening our homes. I’d love to see photos of what you’ve added to your home and yard! Tag them #makeonechangejan20 for us to see!

This month we find the answers to questions like, “how many trees does it take to produce oxygen for 1 person?’ and “what plants remove the most toxins from the environment?”

We also explore options like vertical gardens for people who have limited space, and charities that are working towards reforestation and restoration of native habitats that we can support.

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We added two of these to our home this month! #Repost @charlize_natural_lifestyle • • • • • 💚The #PeaceLily is a beautiful plant and one that can improve your indoor #airquality by as much as 60 percent. It helps to reduce the levels of mold spores that grow in the home by absorbing those spores through its leaves and them circulating them to the plant's roots where they are used as food. . ❤️➡️Follow @charlizenaturallifestyle and stay tuned. . #charlizesnoox#naturopath#naturalantiaginglifestyle#holistichealth#airpurifyingplants#airpurifierplant#cleanhouse#indoorplants#indoorairquality#indoorairqualityawareness#indoorairpollution#indoorair#indoorairpurifier#indoorairsolution#indoorairmatters#indoorair#cleanindoorair#indoorairtips#indoorairpollutants#indooraircare

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