Make One Change Dec 2018: Refuse to Drink from Plastic

December’s change was all about watching where we consume our fluids – specifically to refuse to drink from plastic, in ANY form! The reasons for this are outlined below.

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A study completed in China in 2013* where they measured the presence of 3 major chemicals in children's urine, including BPA. They found that using a ceramic cup significantly reduced the levels found in their urine, which is meaningful because of the harmful effects of these chemicals… 4-Nonylphenol What is it: Why we don't want to eat it: (in a nutshell, it appears to increase risk of inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal diseases). BPA What is it & why we don't want to eat it: (in a nutshell, it can mess with your hormones and contribute to hormone related disease, and infertility). Triclosan What is it: Read about the health and environmental effects here: (in a nutshell, apart from toxic pollution, it messes with your hormones and your immune responses). No-one chooses to be sick and infertile by their drinking container choices, except unconsciously. #makeonechangenov18 *full article:

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