Maddy’s March Challenge

The gauntlet is down for Maddy’s March Challenge! Today we met in the gym to learn Maddy’s plans for us in March. The challenge is, of course, free! Anyone who completes the challenge in less than 30 minutes will receive a FREE 30 minute massage, from the Magic-Hands Maddy herself!

Without further ado, the program:

4 rounds of…

10 Push up & row (5 each arm), elevated arms (on powerplate) for diastasis/pelvic floor clients


20 Burpees (chest to floor), kneeling then lying down for diastasis/pelvic floor clients


OR the alternative (below)

30 Thrusters, remembering the SET breath for diastasis/pelvic floor clients

40 Lunges (20 each side), stepping for diastasis/pelvic floor clients and jumping for everyone else

The alternative for the lunges is stepping (below, in background)

50 Mountain climbers (25 each side) OR pilates leg extension for diastasis/pelvic floor clients

Alternative for Mtn Climber (below)

1 x Bus stop run (walking for diastasis/pelvic floor clients)


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