The Low Down on Pilates & True Core Training


Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a Pilates-hater! Nor am I criticising the system; in fact, I use it every day with many of my clients. However, our 6-Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor program was developed because there was a gaping hole between physio, pilates, and popular training modalities such as bootcamp and crossfit. We call it True Core Training.


Pilates was developed for sick and injured people to boost their health, then refined for dancers*. What we have to keep in mind when administering Pilates, is that most regular people aren’t strong enough to do the exercises well, and those that are are not necessarily strong enough to participate in popular training systems. Pilates is a niche exercise system that addresses the coordination of the muscles of the core (when done properly), and that is all. For full-body, life-specific, true core strength training, you need to get off the reformer bed or floor, and start to move like nature intended.


Even then, there’s a sliding scale of intensity from the easiest load on the deep core, to the hardest.


We use Pilates within many levels of our 6-Step, true core training program, particularly levels 1-3. We use Pilates to get “connected” and to learn how to move the limbs whilst stabilising the pelvis. As we move through the program, we come away from traditional Pilates movements, but apply the breathing and bracing to functional, everyday movements. In this way we can say that we truly prepare the body for life. After all, fitness and strength are specific to the movement. If you want to be good at lifting your child, then you have to lift your child. If you want to run fast, you have to run fast, etc.


For more information about our program, see the product description


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