We Lost Our Red Ninja

We lost our red ninja today. Jen started feeling unwell yesterday afternoon so took herself off for a rest.  She slept until this morning, off and on, and very uncomfortable with nausea and a sore throat.


She was looked after by our guides, and was well enough to attempt to walk this morning. She made it about half an hour down a 5hr track, before she was too weak to walk anynore. The original plan was to take her down and stay the night a little lower, and see how she felt into the morning, but she deteriorated so rapidly that Binod called a helicopter and flew her back to Kathmandu. She was admitted to hospital then released to a hotel once she was cleared.

We miss her a lot. Jen was the one teaching us how to breathe and sing, and pulling all her amazing lotions & potions out of her Mary Poppins bag!


(photos: Ninja Jen when she was healthy and had a sense of humour)

Something lovely came out of Jen’s shock departure, because we had fewer guides, we had to stick together. Mark T and Kass were instrumental in coaching Babs and helping her over difficult terrain. They stuck with her for the entire hike, as did the whole group with eachother.

Carol was also unwell this morning, but went slow and steady and made it through to camp today. We are currently at 4410m, which is Bab’s highest point in the trip. We split from the panorama trekkers in 2 days.

Another feel-good story from today is that we met a women with cerebral palsy hiking to EBC on her own. She has a porter and a guide, who take one arm each and help her walk. More on her story to come!!


We called Jen and she’s all good, although she’s still in hospital for another 24hrs. Last night we played her ipod through her speakers, which mysteriously made their way back into Clare’s possession. We did her proud with singing and air guitar.

We have another acclimatisation day today, with an easy uphill jaunt that is already over. Ali even had enough energy to provide massage to some of our headachy hikers! Thanks Ali!

Tomorrow we split, with Babs and the Panorama crew going one way, EBC trekkers going another. Expect radio silence for about 4 days before we come bursting back in to range high on glory!!



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