Looking Forward to a Massive Weekend at IntoYou!

Saturday, at 8am sharp, we are kicking off Hiking Group with an oldie, but a goodie: Manly Dam. This one is simple to get to, so no stress with logistics, and is an opportunity for everyone to get to know eachother. We will be munching on our Soul Soil Food, a company owned by another Aussie Mum who has created these delicious snacks that happen to be perfect for hiking! We hike every week for the next 12 weeks, and we have 11 weeks of Wednesday night “Hike Fitness” sessions too. If you want to pop in for any appearances, all profits from our Single Sessions go to Seven Women.


Hiking is one of our preferred exercise forms at IntoYou. We have seen incredible results from walking 2hrs a day (yes, 4x the recommended amount) including reversing cholesterol, coming off blood pressure meds, and greatly reducing diabetes medication. You can read more on why Hiking is so good for you here. Hiking Group has been created, scheduled, and planned by Jade this year!

On Sunday, we have our cumulative event for Run Club 2018! Maddy lead our runners this year with a variety of different training events that included soft sand, hill repeats, and interval training sessions. The Pub 2 Pub is at 8am on Sunday, and is a Northern Beaches annual fundraiser for Rotary Australia and it’s various charities. As locals, it is fabulously rewarding to get involved and support this event, then take advantage of the free shuttle busses home!


Also on Sunday, we have our Learn to Mountain Bike Group. This group had several false starts, but we persevered because there are many mums out there that would enjoy this great sport! Mountain biking is a fantastic core exercise, is mostly pelvic floor safe (until you start jumping), and explores our beautiful local National Parks and bushlands. To read more about this group, check out this post from a couple of years ago! Ali is our newly certified Mountain Bike Instructor, but she has been an enthusiast for years. This Sunday is a technical session, where our beginners will learn some tricks to getting over and around obstacles.

Hiking Group has another 12 sessions, and Mountain Bike Group has 6 sessions to go.

The next date for your diary is the 1st November, when our 2019 Overseas Adventure Trip deposits are due! Whether you chose to tap in to your inner Yogi in Bali, or learn to surf, or get all the gear to become a road cyclist, you got to decide by then!

From November we are running a 6 week Bootcamp Intensive: 6am Thursdays and 8am Saturdays with a IntoYou-Only Obstacle Racing event to finish us off for the year! The event is included in the program fee.  This program was Charlie’s invention, and as such is guaranteed to be full of laughs and games! Kids under 16 are free, providing YOU accompany them! There’s an added bonus, when you enrol before the end of next week, you’ll get 4 weeks of IntoMum training for FREE!! Single sessions are also available for this program; if you can only do one day or the other, simply choose 6 single sessions instead (this will not include our end-of-year party).


If you’re not keen on the Bootcamp program, but want to join us for our Annual, End-of-Year Party, then you can register for our Obstacle Racing Event here. This session will cater for beginner racers through to experienced, with something to challenge all of us! It will be held at the Movement Republic in Pyrmont, JUST FOR US! No getting muddy, no lines, no effort, just turn up and give it a go with the support of your trainers and fellow client community! We do have a limit of 20 people in this event, so book early to avoid disappointment (especially if you plan to bring the family!).

We recently updated our mission statement at IntoYou to read: Our mission is to motivate you on your life’s journey, by sharing our knowledge, creating opportunities, celebrating your achievements, and working towards balance and happiness. Programs like the ones above are in line with our pledge to create opportunities that otherwise may not be achievable for you. Who ever heard of a bunch of mums learning to surf then hanging ten in Bali? Or buying an old bike off eBay and learning to roll off jumps? US! That’s who!

Thanks to everyone who is a part of it!

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