Lessons Learned From a Week in China

This week’s workout is a simple way to adjust a traditional session to a more wholistic, versatile, and functional workout. We use just a smidge of what we learned last week in China, and apply it to a basic workout, to target more muscles. This means you will burn more fat, strengthen more muscles, a move more joints in more ways, which can reduce pain (and niggles).


The basic workout is this: 4 circuits.

40 reps the first time around

30 reps the second time around

20 reps the third time around

10 reps the fourth time around

There are 4 exercises:

  1. Dumbell squats (power plate)
  2. Sit ups
  3. Bent over row (power plate)
  4. Push ups (power plate or TRX or both!


All we are going to do, is instead of smashing out 10-40 reps of each exercise, we are going to do 2 at a time, then change our position. For example, we can do 2 shoulder-width squats, 2 narrow squats, 2 staggered squats, 2 toes turned in, etc. Chose 3 and repeat them in pairs until you’ve completed the specified reps in the program.

More ideas:

Sit ups – with a twist, with a side bend, with a flex to the roof, with a hamstring stretch…

Bent over row – reverse, neutral, and overhand grip, bring to the chest, to the ribs, to the side…

Push ups – hands turned out, hands turned in, staggered hands, twisted body, narrow, wide, etc…


Good luck with it! The maximum number of different positions we have is 27, let us know if you create more! Will post again next week!

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