Learn to Surf in Glorious Weather!!

Our Learn to Surf group started surfing on Saturday! It was blissfully mild, the water was warm, and the waves tiny… just PERFECT for us! We met at Long Reef at 8am. There were a few teething difficulties as our participants worked out a) how to load a surfboard onto their roof-racks and b) how to fit it in the car when that failed! Many of our group were also VERY nervous. It’s the frightened ones that deserve the most kudos for giving this a go – true courage is being afraid but doing it anyway. Our hats are off to you!

We were only missing one participant, Anna, at our first surfing session. Sandra was supposed to be in Melbourne but missed her flight…

There are also a few participants who can surf already, but literally never go. This group has given them the opportunity to enjoy the sport with a group of other mums in similar situations.

Most of our team are in training for our overseas adventure this year, Yoga and Surfing in Bali! The challenge in this trip is of a different nature to our other trips. It is the sport of surfing that is unusual, scary, new, and challenging for our participants! Once we are in Bali, we will be kicking our heels up with all the scary stuff done!

We are supporting Seven Women again. An Australian charity that provides refuge, skills training, and employment for disadvantaged women in Nepal. The women who are a part of this program have hand-made felt finger puppets, and we will be selling them for $7 each (or 5 for $25). ALL the money raised goes towards this charity, as does every cent of our single surf sessions. If you want to come along for a session, you can feel good about the fact that you are supporting this wonderful charity, and we will even throw in a FREE Seven Women gift for you!

In their very first session, both Rachael and Mikaela got to their feet! Kass, Jo, and Sandra got heaps of waves and made it to their knees regularly. Belinda, Jodi, Jade and I can already surf, but we are rusty! We got plenty of waves but crashed out on many too!

Belinda on her feet and Sandra preparing to join her on Saturday.

Kass on her knees. She has repeatedly said “Everest was a walk in the park compared to this! Surfing is scary!” She’s not one to shy away from a challenge though!

Afterwards we enjoyed a coffee, and got to know eachother (with TWO hands and NO ONE asking for banana bread or squealing!)

We are also surfing on Wednesdays at 1pm. While we are exploring the beaches on our Saturday escapades, on Wednesdays we are always surfing Long Reef (unless conditions are too dangerous). Long Reef is nice and close to home, so we can nick off and pick our kids up still salty with our surfboards on the roof of our cars!! I am pretty sure our mums are feeling pretty cool about this! Our final team member, Anna, was introduced to the group behind the whitewater, and fitted in with our group seamlessly!

Anna’s feet

We are super proud of our Surfing Group, and it has only just begun!

Jade on Wednesday on one of the few catch-able unbroken waves!

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