Knee Problem Resolved with Foot Training!

We got an email from Helen today:

Hi Clare,
Can’t believe how much my knee has improved with the big foot exercise… Gone from constant pain to hardly any. Thank you

We are very excited about this! Helen reported ongoing knee pain made worse with walking on soft sand. We did a quick postural screen and noticed that both Helen’s arches were collapsing, and her knees were rotated inwards. We spent 10 minutes working on her “short foot” , which we learned from Emily Splichal at the Fitness Convention this year.

You can learn it for yourself here:

Basically, the technique allows us to “activate” the deep rotator muscles of the hip, which has a follow-on effect of lifting the pelvic floor, engaging the glutes, and “stacking” the knee under the hip and over the foot. This means that we can train Helen’s arches in context with her whole leg and body, which hopefully has a greater chance of transferring to walking than lying on the floor doing clams and kegals.

So far so good!

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