Killer Core

We have talked about the core being more than just the abs before, and this session is no exception. If you consider the amount of time you spend hauling your kids in and out of the car, highchair, or trouble – on top of housework and going to the gym – being able to bend and twist at every angle is really, really, really, important!


This session is especially for post natal, as these women often have postural problems caused by the repetitive physical nature of their lifestyle. Often, women go from being relatively inactive, to pregnant, to lifting a 3-5kg bundle all day every day (especially if you breast feed) with zero strength training or physical preparation! This is a recipe for injury, and below is just one way to prevent it!

Throw in some cardio between sets, and you have yourself a Killer Core session!!

1) High cable woodchop

Cardio: 10 x burpees

2) Twisty cable

Cardio: 10 x lie down and get up (on your back, use no hands if possible)

3) Med ball Woodchop

Cardio: 10 x burpees

4) Overhead med-ball twist

Cardio: 10 x lie down and get up

5) Scorpian hover (keep both elbows planted, Luigina was a bit tight through her back which made it hard to do on one side in the photos)

6) Side hover with twist – on your knees or toes, maintain a  side hover on one elbow. With the other hand, reach through the gap under your shoulder, then stretch out towards the roof. Repeat until you have completed 20 reps.

Stretch. it. Out!!!

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