Killer Cardio & Pelvic Floor Training at the SAME TIME

In the spirit of blasting off our Christmas puddings by performing hard cardio, but wanting to keep it “safe” for our post natal mums at the same time, we have designed this killer cardio session!! We have achieved the cardio benefit by using the entire body as a unit. Simply put; linking arm movement with leg movement through the core. This has the added benefit of being low impact, thus not unduly stressing or stretching the pelvic floor. In addition, many of these mummy-functional movement patterns will have a positive strength-effect on the pelvic floor.

Hopefully, this workout will go some way to blasting the myth that pelvic floor training is all deep breathing and kegals. You CAN train hard with pelvic floor dysfunction, but you have to train smart if you don’t want to make it worse. In our studio, we aim to make it better!

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