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Our Bootcamp was small last weekend, but what really stood out was how those who turned up all brought their kids! What a positive message to be sending them! and what a wonderful thing to be doing together! For this reason, we encourage you to bring your kids, to you one on one, your mums group session, or any of our outdoor programs. Not only is it fantastic modelling for the really young ones, the ones that are old enough to participate get all the health benefits as we do!


This pic only has 2 kids in it, there were actually four!

Our Run Club this week wasn’t really kids friendly. We ran from Collaroy to Newport, about 10km. We had to clamber over rocks in Collaroy, and most of us got wet feet! We then ran the soft sand and ended with a few sprints while the slower team members caught up. We had a little hiccup here, where someone lost their car key, but we FOUND IT and were soon on our way! At Warriewood we stopped to run some stairs, in Mona Vale we did hill sprints. Closer to Bungan we stopped and did some step ups, before committing to the final hill to Newport. We stumbled in pretty stiff, sore and sorry, but we are DONE now until Pub 2 Pub next week!

2016-08-20 08.09.43 2016-08-20 08.20.30

Our Run Clubbies have steadily run further and faster each week, and will conclude next week after Pub 2 Pub.

2016-08-20 08.37.40 2016-08-20 09.14.48

Not so lucky are our Bootcampers, who are preparing for the Tough Mudder on the 23rd October.

Their schedule for the next few weeks goes as follows:
27/8 9am @ Bilarong Reserve, Narrabeen
3/9 9am @ Lakeside Park, North Narrabeen
10/9 9am @ Berry Reserve, Narrabeen
17/9 9am @ Turimetta Beach, Warriewood
24/9 9am @ Brookvale Oval, Brookvale
1/10 8am @ Lagoon Park, Manly (SORRY!)
8/10 9am @ Fishermans Beach, Long Reef
15/10 9am @ Middle Creek Reserve, Cromer (enter off Wakehurst)

IMG_3701 IMG_3703

You can join us any week for $27.50 by following this link: Bootcamp Per Session

2016-08-20 09.28.19 2016-08-20 09.30.00

Come and have fun, bring your kids, and feel something different! We have large differences in capability in our groups, and we will work hard to ensure the fittest of you get a workout, while the least experienced are nurtured and looked after.

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