Keeping Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul Healthy

WOW! “Keeping Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul Healthy” is a heck of a lot of pressure to live up to! However, it has always been what we aspire to at IntoYou. For us, it has always been possible to change lives in one 30 minute session a week, and we work hard to maintain that level of quality in each exercise and in each session. We have always trained your heart and body’s fitness capacity, but In 2016 we began to diversify this idea, with the hope of providing excellence across ALL aspects of health for our clients.

First off the rank was Jade, certifying mid-2016 as a Nutrition Coach. With the same goal of providing the best session in the shortest time, individualised for each and every client, Jade tailors bespoke eating plans for each and every one of her Nutrition Clients. This means that you can consult with her, and bring your artillery of preferences, allergies, weight goals, and habits, and still get the outcome you desire. Nutrition Coaching was an obvious choice for a Personal Trainer, as nutrition has such an impact on the success or lack of success with our weight loss clients.

Healthy eating habits can also affect your social life, improve depression and anxiety, and boost your immune. To read more on this click here.

Next cab off the rank was Maddy, qualifying as a Massage Therapist. Massage therapy is the perfect complimentary treatment to strength training, which we are passionate about at IntoYou. Strength training can boost your self esteem, as overcoming a heavy weight has much in common with overcoming hurdles in your everyday life. Mentally, you will utilise similar strategies to keep calm and succeed in both a bench press, and a tantruming toddler. More on this here. However, with strength training comes sore, short, and tight muscles, and sometimes this has an impact on a person’s well being. Massage can help clear the soreness, and it can also help mobilise the parts of your body that become tight and stuck. In this way, massage can improve your life experience as it allows you to recover quicker and with less tension. Not only that, but massage therapy has been shown to improve mood, decrease blood pressure and chronic pain. More on this here.

In this way, by utilising professionals all aspects of physical health, we can have a greater positive impact on our client’s mental health. Exercise (aerobic and resistance), healthy eating, and massage are all clinically proven to improve mood and boost positive hormones, AND decrease mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

Now, for the first time, we are also offering Styling. Styling came about a little by accident, as Charlie was a Stylist before becoming a Personal Trainer. However, there is an increasing body of literature that shows how what we wear can affect our behaviour, self esteem, and chances of success. And it is in this way that we will finally touch your souls! Many of our past and present clients achieve wonderful health and fitness results, but their self-perception stays where it was – wallowing in self-criticism and loathing. What if you could change that with a few simple tricks of the styling trade? The concept of Enclothed Cognition is the idea that the symbolism of the clothing you are wearing will affect your behaviour, and success at simple tests. For example, wearing gym clothes makes you more likely to exercise, wearing a lab coat makes you quicker and more effective at identifying a colour on a card, and wearing dirty street clothes will make you more likely to cheat at a card game. More on this here.

In addition, we are all familiar with visual trickery like the games below.

optical illusion 1 optical illusion 2

Did you ever stop to think about how your clothes also draw lines like these across your body? Charlie knows! And she can help select cuts and styles that draw attention to your best bits and hide the bits you wish to ignore. Feedback from her sessions include: I look like I lost 15 pounds by doing nothing more than changing my clothes.  Amazing!!!

These wonderful IntoYou trainers will work together to ensure that you live the fullest, most satisfying life possible, by eternally striving to deliver the best session for you. The code “helpnf” will give you a 50% discount on any of their consultations, and will be in place until March 2017 – so get in now using the links below!!!


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