Kara Has Overcome a lot to Achieve This!

Kara started training at IntoYou almost 2 years ago after seeing one of our associate physios for back pain. THANK GOODNESS she went to a pelvic & women’s health physio, who very quickly identified what was causing her back pain and referred her to us! If you have chronic, niggly back pain and you’re on the Northern Beaches, make sure you look up your closest pelvic health physio here.
.. After having my second baby I was left with the grand canyon of abdominal separation, well, that’s how I felt anyway. I had a constantly sore back and just standing at the bench to cook a meal was slow torture. I started seeing an amazing physio (shout out to Jenni Davies) who recommended I try IntoYou.
I haven’t looked back.

Two things about IntoYou make it successful for me…

1) ALL the trainers at IntoYou are amazing and they know their post baby body s&$# !! I feel confident that they know when and how to challenge me.

2) I can take the kids…otherwise I couldn’t do it. Not only can I take the kids but the other clients and the trainers put up with my darling 5 month old who cried (and sometimes screamed) for the ENTIRE half hour, EVERY SINGLE session. 

Almost 2 years on and I still have some ab separation but it doesn’t stop me from doing anything (whilst remembering to engage my pelvic floor first ????). I am stronger, more confident and now stand confidently at my kitchen bench, with no back pain and no excuse not to cook dinner! …
Kara touches on this in her second point, but adding to her chronic, debilitating pain and the fear that she was permanently broken, was a hormone condition in her baby which they did not identify until he was some months old. She performed her session diligently, every week, with a screaming child and the nauseous uncertainty that something was wrong with him. Everyone, trainers and clients alike, chipped in to give Kara a break by taking him for walks. However the vast majority of kudos in this situation goes to Kara who handled this period of her life calmly, and consistently. Now she has both – a repaired body and a happy, healthy child.
Back then we were astonished by her perseverance in very difficult circumstances, and today we are both inspired and proud of what she has achieved! Well done Kara! It’s now YOUR TURN to inspire others!

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