It’s Not Just the Mum’s that Benefit from a Targeted Training Approach!

Read this testimonial from Dave, and see how applying professional strength and conditioning techniques to training an everyday Joe has a spectacular effect!

Dave is a computer technician with his own business, and father of two. He is a very time-poor man, however he travels 30min to train at IntoYou from his home, twice a week. Dave is fantastic to train, because he applies himself 100%, and takes all of our advice and implements it. For Dave, exercising more is difficult, since his life is so full, often working 12-16hr days. For Dave, changing his diet was key, and he participated in Jade’s Strip Off This Winter Challenge to address this.

Dave will bring his son into training with him on a Saturday; he makes both us and his son proud to see the example he sets. Well done Dave!

When Jade spoke to me about the 8 week challenge, I thought “awesome, here is my chance to be rid the gut that has plague me and finally boost my health and energy levels to where I wanted them to be”. So I set my goal weight and thought it would be easy. What Challenge? Then the instructions arrived, the diet, the shopping list, the additional exercise. Ok, I was fooling myself about it being easy. Getting fit and losing weight just is not easy, if it were, we’d all be looking like our trainers already. The first two weeks was the hardest, but Jade’s ultra-positive attitude and encouragement provided the initial motivation, after that the results began. From about the end of week 3, the improvements seemed to come almost overnight. I could see the results in my physique and in my energy levels, and that become powerfully motivating. From that point on, it became easier each week. New eating habits started to form and cravings started to disappear.  It started to feel less of a challenge. It was certainly not about starvation. I never felt like I was hungry, there was always food. In fact part of the diet plan  provided involved eating more meals/snacks than I normally would. By week 8 I had passed my goal weight and felt better than I had in a long time. I would recommend to anyone serious about improving their  health to take this challenge. I would not say it is easy, at least not for the first couple of weeks, but it was easy by then end, and the simple fact is, it worked. The results came fast, and with all the planning and on-line shopping list provided, the “I don’t have time” excuse did not apply. If you are reading this, and have not done the 8 week challenge, then I highly recommend you talk to Jade and make it happen, you absolutely will not regret it.  

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