July Challenge: Time Trial

We have designed our Time Trial July Challenge, even though we still have two days left in our June Circus Challenge! The winner will get our Shopping with a Stylist trip on the 7th July for FREE! The irony is that this trip is super-cheap, as far as styling goes, and our two clients who are in the lead have booked and paid already! Yikes!

With the month nearly over, we now turn our attention to our July Challenge! The Time Trial Challenge was created by Jade, with our Run Clubbies in mind. ANYONE can participate though, it’s free! You are welcome to join us for single sessions of Run Club, to train for this challenge, and you’ll get all of August’s Run Club sessions for FREE if you win! An added bonus of this challenge is that the profits from every Run Club session you attend will be donated to Seven Women. So you can get fit and feel good about doing your bit for women world wide at the same time!

Now, on to the Time Trial and what it entails…

It is very simple really. Start your clock standing on the gutter strip in the gym courtyard, and run to the end of Lantana Ave and back.

Stay tuned, we will tell you how to win after you’ve completed your first lap!

How do you compare to Jade on 7 minutes, Charlie on 8 minutes, or Clare on 9 minutes 40 sec (she doesn’t run down hills)??

See how they went below!


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