July Challenge by Jade

June Challenge is almost up, and our two Most Improved Assault Bikers will be headed home with their Mediballs and Protein Powder on Friday!! So now we turn our attention to the July Challenge. It’s not a challenge for Jade if there aren’t any burpees! So it fits that your points this month = how many burpees you fit in to the end!

There is a 20min time limit.

First, you must complete the circuit (alternating sides, 50 reps total, you don’t have to do all 50 at once).

Once the circuit is completed, you start doing burpees (chest to floor) until your 20min is up = your score. If you do 1 burpee, you get 1 point. ANYONE WHO PERFORMS OVER 20 burpees wins a 3omin Meal Planning session with Jade!

  1. 50 x Freeform Tuck
  2. 50 x Walking Lunges
  3. 50 x Tyre Flips
  4. 50 x Alternate arm Snatches
  5. 50 x Rope Waves
  6. 50 x Push ups
  7. 50 x Butt-to-floor TRX Pull Ups
  8. 50 Calories on bike
  9. Burpees until the clock ticks over to 20min (remember to count them!)
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