Jen is now a Certified IntoYou Adventure Junkie!

Jen is a regular face at our adventures, having missed only one of the 5 adventure trips that we have done to date. She is fit, relaxed, and great company, and we are privileged to have her with us every year! This is what she has to say:

“Another terrific trip comes to an end so glad there is another planned for next year.

I need a reason to train , I think an adventure holiday is a great incentive to get out of bed !

Nepal was my fourth trip with Clare and IntoYou. Cycling around Samoa, Mountain Biking in NZ and Hiking in Cambodia being the other adventures. 

Hiking group on a Saturday morning opened up some fantastic hikes all around the Northern Beaches and Blue Mountains, trail that I have walked since and will walk again. The thought and organisation that goes into the training allows for a lot more comfort when we get there!

2016-03-19 11.49.04

Jen and Di exploring West Head

2016-03-19 17.48.59

Jen with her tiny camping burner, which came everywhere (including Nepal)

A highlight from training would be the beautiful Blue Gum Forest in the Blue Mountains.

Kathmandu is a dirty and broken city that has had more than its fair share in past years. The people are smiley and friendly and pleased to see tourist. The Mountains take your breath away!


“Essential” Jen – who had the lightest bag out of everyone, but managed to find space for essential oils for us to breathe on a daily basis


I have been to Nepal before and had to abandon the Annapurna trek due to health problems with my friends feet! We didn’t do any training and it showed. This time I felt fit and strong and up to the challenge.


The 2015 Trip was just amazing the country side the company and comradeship helped us all along and I am looking forward to the Everest base Camp in 2017!

Jennifer Buick”

20160415_063935 20160416_071447_001

Jen is also a yoga instructor and massage therapist, which enhanced our trip because she was able to warm us up each morning, and massage our aches and pains each afternoon.

Thank you for coming, Jen! We are looking forward to another year of your energising company!


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