Jen has done 3 of our 4 Adventures

Jen was one of our first adventurers, and has come on two more since. She is also signed up again to come to Nepal in 2016! Jen is a mum of 2 (now grown up) boys. She has always had an adventurous spirit, but since becoming a mum has lacked the opportunity to try new adventures. IntoYou gave her the opportunity to duck out of parenting for a quick 2 weeks, and satiating her desire to gain new experiences. This is what she has to say about IntoYou’s adventures:

“I have been on three terrific adventures with Clare, it really is fantastic to just show up for training…then show up at the airport, really it’s so easy and so cheap.

I would recommend them to those who want to get out in the world and not be in some generic hotel. This is grass roots basic adventuring with nature and all her challengers. So much space to breathe I can’t wait for Nepal.


The first, was a cycling holiday in Samoa, it was superb. We trained hard for a few months meeting regularly to cycle on a Saturday morning Clare rightly wants to make sure that everyone is fit and strong and feeling confident to achieve success. We packed our own bikes at the airport with boxes that the airline supplied and off we went, a group of 4 women and Baby Evie who was almost 12 months. Samoa is warm and tropical and apart from the Capital almost totally undeveloped, we took a boat to the Island of Savai’i and simply set off around the Island. The road was quite new having been build by the Japanese to replace the old road washed away by the ’92 Tsunami. We cycled through villages whose residence came out to greet us with cuddles for baby and cool coconuts to drink. Clare is very level headed and any drama is tackled and sorted and really with the combined resources of 4 women who were simply delighted to be free from domestic duties and cycling around a tropical Island life was very good indeed.

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New Zealand Alps to Ocean Cycle.

I love New Zealand everywhere you look the views are amazing and the A2O track meant that most of the cycle was off the road. Lets just say that NZ is not flat and we cycled a long way, I have never been fitter or slimmer than I was on return form this holiday and I would do it all again in a heart beat.

DSCF3217 PIC_0270



A hasty re-plan of the trip to Nepal and organised quickly using contacts that Clare had in Cambodia. The most challenging for me because it was very hot and there were often no showers and who wants to climb into a tent in 40’ but as I recall this trip I know that it has reset my thermostat on what’s too hot to walk in and I feel more able to tackle the Australian heat. Well organised, plenty of support and options for those not feeling up to it and great camp food with tablecloth and occasionally cocktails!”

IMGA0033 IMGA0999


Jen is always a positive person to have on our adventures. Ever level headed, she is also logical, appreciative, and enormous fun to be around! Come and join us in Nepal! Forms and info here: Hike Nepal 2016

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