Jade’s Competitive Edge Session

Jade’s sessions are always competitive, and the good thing about this is that you have measurable benchmarks and “things to beat”, which makes training interesting and can often drive you to go that much further.
For each of these exercises, we have specified a “competitive edge” (CE) – that is, what you aim for to get better. You are likely to get tired, so attempt each 10-20 times, or for up to 1 min, and then move on. Keep coming back until you are too tired, or have reached your desired time!
1) LONG JUMP: Use chalk to mark where you land. CE – attempt to beat it every set, rep, or time you do the program.

2) BOXING AND ROPE: This one takes some co-ordination. The boxing person is ducking under the rope and upper-cutting on each side. The rope-holder has to lift the rope when she ducks, and drop it when she upper-cut’s. The rope person will ideally be using their legs to do this, although you will feel your back and arms getting tired. CE – how many reps can you do before you lose co-ordination? Beat it!

3) TUG OF WAR: an old favorite, be aware of what is behind you! CE – keep score.
4) SHOULDER PRESS: in handstand position. This was inspired by the gymnasts, you should thank us that we aren’t making you back flip (haha). CE – distance to the ground, can you brush your nose on the grass?
5) THE SKATER: A twisty squat/lunge, followed by a side-ways leap. Not for anyone with knee or ankle issues. CE – the distance you jump sideways. Mark it with chalk, and beat it!
6) EXPLOSIVE PUSH UPS: from professional boxing programs, this exercise allows you to develop your strength and power past the end of your reach (in a bench press, you only develop strength within the arm movement completed). CE – How many reps before you no longer clear the ground?
7) ARMY SHUFFLE: a variation on the army crawl. CE – how far can you crawl without losing your technique?
another variation below:
8) BUNNY HOPS: leaping over the bench (45cm). CE – how many reps before your lungs burst?
9) THE SWIMMER: using the cables and a fitball, this exercise surprisingly targets your abs as well! Great for developing swimming strength in a controlled environment (can help correct bad posture caused by a lot of swimming). CE – weight, control, range of movement. The Edge on this exercise is simply keeping track of your weights, sets, reps, and quality of movement. Be especially aware of what is happening at your shoulder blades.
10) THE WRESTLER: Great for your abs and triceps, and fun too! CE – Keep score!
11) HIGH JUMP: use chalk to mark the wall. CE – to beat that chalk mark every set, rep, or time you do the session!
This sessions is always more fun with a group, so rally your friends and have fun with it!
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