This Email Made Our Hearts Swell With Pride

We received the most beautiful email last week from a very valued client, Annie. Annie was referred to us by a local physio because she wanted to exercise, but with her injuries her physio wasn’t comfortable with it… unless she came to see us. So Annie made the trek every week from Manly to Collaroy Plateau (not far without traffic, but a good 30min each way for a 30min session if there is a little) just to train with us. Our order was to ensure her pelvic floor kept improving, stabilise her pelvis, and hopefully relieve her of the chronic pain she was in along the way.

She started in the Restore Your Core program with Clare, then “graduated” to train with Jade. Whilst her strength, stability, and health has improved, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and has felt a little emotional and tired ever since (not to mention, STILL in pain). This is her email:

“Hi Clare

I’m sending this to you because I want Jade to read this but want you to also get it.  🙂

I want to say a huge thanks to Jade and recognise her great work with me.  

I’m often like a broken record in my sessions with the roller coaster of my emotions.  It’s one space in my life where I can let it all hang out without fear.  Truly.  It can’t be easy as a trainer when your Client tends to go around in circles but I so value her patience.  I have shed tears in my sessions and Jade has just shown a quiet compassion that has given me space to be emotional but a very present sense of support.  Again it can’t be easy but I so value this.  Jade has also dealt with a crying Isabelle a few times and I remember what I used to think before I had kids and would see this kind of thing!  And yet Jade just does what she can to help even if Izzy is losing the plot regardless or it means all Jade can do is pick up the sultanas Izzy has dropped as she cries (!!) and again it’s so appreciated.  

My journey has been slow, rocky, fun, frustrating, lazy, focused and peaceful and many more.  I am grateful to Jade for gently standing with me with a smile on her face, not trying to make everything happy happy or giving me motivational quotes….just has kept it real and authentic and in the bigger picture moving forward. I am grateful.

It’s funny how I’ve not really said anything about the actual exercise.  I suppose it’s not always about that but I know you know that. 


The email was completely out of the blue, and it made Jade and my heart’s swell with pride. This is what we are trying to achieve. This is our point of difference. This is why we do what we do in an industry saturated with 6-packs, white-toothed selfies, and enormous biceps. This is why we moved from a commercial space to a granny flat. It is also a huge compliment to Jade who has not had kids yet, however she will be well equipped when she does!

It is worthwhile mentioning too, that the Power Plate will be instrumental in Annie’s rehabilitation from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a painful condition where the person has unexplained sore points throughout their body. The points are in very specific places and will hurt when you put pressure on them. There is no specific cause or treatment, although the Power Plate has had good results in treating the severity of these people’s pain.

In “massage” mode, the vibrations help subdue the nervous system and improve circulation, which can help reduce pain. In addition, the patient is exercising, where traditionally sufferers cannot or will not, due to the pain. This means that they generally gain more weight and suffer more lifestyle diseases, due to their inactivity. The Power Plate is a safe and effective way to ensure that Annie and our other fibromyalgic clients have access to a form of activity that will make them the exception!  More info on how the Power Plate works and what this means for a variety of diseases, injury, and neurological disorders can be found here. Thank goodness we have 4 plates!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write that email, Annie. We will continue to work hard to ensure that you have the best experience possible from our little studio!

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