Introducing our Gym Trip 2018 Participants

Our gym trip this year was different to other years. This year, rather than the location being the challenge, the activity is the challenge! All participants had to learn how to surf in the 3 months leading up to Surf & Yoga in Bali! The trip consists of 7 days in a resort, surfing daily with an instructor and daily yoga lessons. They then head out to Ubud for 2 days of shopping, and one 2am wake-up call for a sunrise Volcano trek before flying home on the 10th day.

Now, i expect that you expect our participants to be sandy-haired, fit, young, and agile, right? Hmmmm…. you’d be luke-warm! If we compare them just to other middle-aged mums then you’re right!

Meet Sandy

Sandra is one of our Business Mums (she’s an Intimo rep), and has done one adventure back in 2013 with Clare, when we completed the Inca Trail. Sandra is mentally and physically strong, but she’s also the mother of 3 kids with a hard-working, gone-long-hours husband. For Sandra to participate, she has to juggle sitters, kids activities, spreading out favours asked, or bring her children with her! Sandra had never surfed before, or done yoga, and to this day is pulling up incredibly sore from all her training – only to face up to the gym and do it all again!

Sandra has had to develop the mobility to be physically able to get to her feet on a surfboard, then the balance, and finally the strength; which she achieved just in the nic of time a couple of weeks ago! She’s gone and purchased a board, and has fitted extra sessions in because her kids are now interested in trying it with her! Sandra has shown tenacity and determination and guts, and we are SO PROUD of her! We hope that she enjoys her sojourn from parenting, it is well deserved!

Sandra on the left, with our Inca Trail team (minus Clare)

Sandra, scared of heights but facing it all with courage, with pink arms

Meet Kass

Kass is famous as she is both Jade’s mum, and the woman who hiked Annapurna with two broken legs. In 2017, she carried her mothers Ashes to Everest Base Camp, and was one of just 10 of our team to make it the whole way (out of 18). Kass has always said “Everest was a breeze, learning to surf has be out of my comfort zone”, and has worked her ass off to get there this year. Kass has taken private lessons, completed 3 sessions in one day, and continued surfing even though she injured herself at work (the physio encouraged her to move)! Unluckily for Kass, she suffered a fall at work a couple of weeks ago and has torn her ACL (again) and will need surgery (again). Being the determined woman that she is, she ahs scheduled her surgery for after Bali and intends to “do what she can” over there.

Kass is one of those inspiring people who just won’t take pain, difficulty, or hardship as a reason to stop. We will be telling her story for years to come!

Meet Jo

Joanne is one of Sandy’s friends, and has taken a leap of faith, coming with us on this journey without formally knowing any of us! Jo has been bringing her son Jordy to her surfing lessons, and together they drive for an hour each way every Saturday, as they live in Mascot! Jo has also committed and shown up almost every week for Tuesday night Yoga at Inspire! We have such admiration for these women who do something so left of field, like Jo is doing! She has shocked her friends and family by announcing that she is learning to surf and going to Bali to do it, but they also support her, and either accompany her or make it possible for her to complete the training.

Jo was one of our first mums to her feet, and she expects that she will continue surfing with her teenage son for the foreseeable future! How mighty cool!

Jo has been cheerful, excitable, and great company in our surfing group!

Meet Anna

Anna you might recognise as she is a fellow PT that helps us out from time to time. Anna can surf, but with 3 kids was struggling to get out. Anna rode the Alps to Ocean trail with us in NZ in 2014, 7mths pregnant with her 3rd child! Parenting is the only job that is 24/7 with no breaks, benefits, or pay, and Anna works her ass of studying and with her own business as well! For Anna, this trip is a return to the woman she was before kids, and one which will hopefully inspire her children to accompany her in the ocean. She is bubbly, outgoing, and energetic, and we look forward to seeing her carving up those waves in Bali!

Anna, 28wks pregnant, at the top of Balls Pass, one of our fearless four that stumbled into a glacier..!

With our 2014 Mtn Bike NZ team (centre)

Meet Jade

Now we know that everyone knows Jade, but what you may not realise is that Jade has only stepped in to Clare’s place as of 4 weeks ago! Jade used to work at Long Reef Surf (can you imagine her ever being anything except a PT?), and could surf. However she literally NEVER went out, and had participated in the first month of Surfing Group as a client simply looking for company on the waves. Things changed rapidly once Clare found her tumour and was diagnosed with PEComa, and Garuda were flexible and kind enough to defy their own policy to cancel Clare’s ticket and reissue one for Jade. Since then, Jade has had a lot of practise, and has thoroughly enjoyed her return to the sport, and the company of our Surfing Group.

Jade is no stranger to IntoYou Adventures. She came to Cambodia with us in 2015, when we had to reschedule our gym trip 10 days out because of the earthquake in Nepal, and then again in 2016 when she hiked to Annapurna Base Camp with us. In all circumstances she is friendly, calm, and bloody FIT!

Jade and Jules in “Cambodge”

Almost all of us!


None of these women are quintessential “surfers”; all of them have had to learn, defy the “norms” expected of them, and juggle their other commitments. The same is true for ANY of our Adventure Groups, and we encourage you all to take a leap of faith and try one out!

As always with our Overseas Adventures, we are raising money for Seven Women, a charity that provides refuge and employment for disadvantaged women in Nepal. We have 10 finger puppets left for $7 each or 5 for 25, help us out by purchasing one!

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