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A couple of weeks ago the IntoYou trainers were professionally made up and photographed for our website. They scrubbed up exceedingly well, and the resulting photos has created an opportunity to introduce each of them and show you where you can connect to them!


Clare Hozack 

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Jude Stevens; Clare, Evie & Maya Hozack

Most of you know that Clare was a sailing athlete from 2001 -2005. What you may not realise is that she was diagnosed with a debilitating back injury during this time, which sparked her decision to move from Media, where she was formally trained at Macquarie Uni, to Strength and Conditioning. Clare began her training journey at Fernwood, then moved to Bodyshape. She was training women from the get-go! This developed into a passion for the empowerment of women through strength training. The skills that you learn to cope with a big weight can transfer to coping with adversity in life, and is another reason why it’s important that women strength train!! From here Clare retired from sailing and did a stint at Definition (now Premier) Health Club, still training women but many athletes too. She did her Strength and Conditioning internship at NSWIS (NSW Institute of Sport), before opening her own studio in Brookvale. During this time Clare spent time developing and defining her business, resulting in IntoYou – which we all know and love today! Clare is also an internationally accredited Power Plate Master Trainer, and Burrell Education Master Trainer (pre and post natal education for Personal Trainers).

Clare has personally experienced pelvic floor dysfunction, which was exacerbated by two pregnancies. She developed Maddy’s 6-Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor program into a course for both trainers and mums.

Clare LOVES the adventure training that we run every year, and if she didn’t organise it she will be participating in it! Dates are already set for 2017’s Mountain Bike group, Bootcamp, Run Club, Hiking group, and Overseas Adventure!

You can connect with Clare on Instagram here.


Jade Flaherty


Jade joined the crew in 2008 in Clare’s old studio, and moved to full-time when we became IntoYou. She was a Vision Personal Trainer, and Les Mills aerobics instructor before that. Jade has worked hard to become the trainer that she is today, with her continuing education often exceeding the Fitness Australia requirement!! Jade has followed her nose to Nutrition Coaching, becoming certified earlier this year. She has developed the Nude Food program, which is a program that is tailored for every individual. Some of the factors that Jade can work around when coaching you include:

  • Your health problems: we can design a program for gall bladder disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, any food allergy, and more.
  • Your habits: if you always have a shake in the morning, then she will factor a shake for your morning meal!
  • Your preferences: don’t eat mushrooms? Don’t have to on the Nude Food program!
  • Your goals: weight loss, fitness, and health are 3 distinctly different eating programs that require different macronutrients.
  • Your lifestyle: different people more more, or less, and therefore need to eat more, or less!
  • Your body type: everyone has a different metabolic type. Some can eat burgers and look like greyhounds, some eat lettuce and look like sumo wrestlers. This too can be factored into your diet.

Jade can also write a simple plan and take some measurements for you in her 60 min nutrition consult.

You can connect with Jade on Instagram here!


Madelaine Pitkanen


Madelaine has been working with Clare and Jade since 2010, first at Galileo Personal Training, and then at IntoYou. Madelaine already had a successful outdoor training company called Fresh Fysique when she joined the crew, and she has stayed because she is constantly stimulated, evolving, and learning. in 2014 Madsey took the huge step of enrolling in to university, studying Occupational Health at first, before transferring to Myotherapy. The degree will take another two years to complete, and in the meantime we expect to see Madsey’s sunny disposition gracing our studio every week!

Mads wrote our first 6-Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor program, and has run many of our adventure groups – including Run Club and Bootcamp. She has recently qualified as a massage therapist, and you can book a treatment with here here!

Madelaine’s sessions are unique because of her Myotherapy perspective. She is interested in increasing movement through your body, and reducing pain, and has a unique skill set to achieve this purpose.

You can connect with Mads on Instagram here!


Charlotte May


Charlie was one of our first clients when we first moved to Collaroy Plateau and became IntoYou! She had never joined a gym before, although she’d been to a few, and thought that gyms “weren’t for her”. That was until she met us! Right away she loved the games we sometimes play, and it didn’t take the trainers long to unleash a new game every session, until Charlie was literally training everyday and thoroughly addicted.

A major life event sparked a desire to become a personal trainer and build something for herself. Formerly a stylist, Charlie was confronted with the science and anatomy of her certificate four in personal training. She has since reconciled the two, and is in the developmental stage of writing a course for mums on life after fat loss – dressing to impress yourself! Charlie has brought her love of play to her training sessions; you can always hear the participants laughing from the street!

Charlie was also our first intern , which is a tough process by which each of our trainers are moulded by our clients. She is still styling, so if you want a wardrobe audit, a shopping trip, or her opinion on what to wear to an event, feel free to shoot an enquiry to the gym!

You can connect with Charlie through Instagram here!




All of our trainers work exceptionally hard to live up to our mission: At IntoYou, we aim to deliver the best session in the shortest time possible, in a fun, functional, and comfortable environment. All of us will work with or consult with your healthcare professional in the development of your program and ongoing training. All of us strive to be the best trainers that we can possibly be, so that you can be in the gym as little as possible, and love it when you’re here!

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We are always on the hunt for good news stories! If you would like to write something on your experience at IntoYou, please shoot an email to [email protected] !

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