IntoYou Studio Re-Opening Plan

IT’S PARTY TIME at IntoYou… well perhaps not quite – but picnic’s are definitely in the plan!!

IntoYou has a plan to get us back in to the gym, sharing love, sweat, and air again! Here it is:

  1. From today, 20th September, fully vaccinated trainers will be offering limited courtyard (ie. outdoor) sessions to fully vaccinated clients. The trainer will wear a mask (unless they stay in the gym and use their big voice to train you from there!), and you’ll be able to use limited equipment for your session, which will be cleaned and UV treated afterwards. No two clients will share the same equipment on the same day (which is why what you’ll use is very limited!).
    If someone is in the courtyard when you arrive, please try to give them 4sqm space while you wait – which is almost half the yard.
  2. Gradually, these outdoor sessions will increase, especially as more trainers become fully-vaccinated. We will increase numbers training together in the IntoMums as restrictions allow, but for now we don’t have the space for more than one per courtyard at a time. A Bootcamp in on the cards, so stay tuned….
  3. As soon as gyms are allowed to open, we will be business as usual for vaccinated clients. We have the room in the gym to meet restrictions so it’s full steam ahead. Whenever possible, sessions will be run with all doors and windows open!
  4. As soon as unvaccinated people are allowed to share air with vaccinated ones, you’ll be immediately welcomed back in to the gym and for massage, with no notice, so show up!

A few side notes…

If you have had your membership on hold for the entire lockdown, please check that your spots are still available before showing up at the gym when in-studio sessions resume, and book a new spot if not.

If you have trained online or taken the “rain-check” option, we have a special gift for you as soon as massage resumes, but you can start getting excited by checking it out here:

If you trained for part of the lockdown, you’ll be getting the above gift at cost-and-gst-price, there’ll be a gift certificate waiting for you when our doors open again.

Our cleaning and safety procedures haven’t changed since the last lockdown, and you can check them out here:

For $11/week, you can book the gym and use it when our trainers aren’t in there (you must book ahead and use regular training times so we can make sure it’s exclusively for you). Contact us to set this up.

If your schedule has changed, or you’d like to keep doing part-online and part-in-studio, now is the time to figure out what you’d like and talk to your trainer about setting it up. IntoMum options are visible here:

Extra Online group sessions are still free for everybody who continues to train, contact us for the training links. You cannot use the courtyard in the extra online sessions, or any of the group sessions (unless you’re the only one booked in!). The Life Enhancement Project is still free to all old and new clients, locals, anyone who is in lockdown: 

We are looking forward to seeing your faces, reading your body language, sharing your air, touching you in non-creepy ways, and generally feeling like we are together again!

Start getting excited!!


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