IntoYou Goes Sailing

At IntoYou, we are all about trying new things and living the fullest life possible. So when one of our clients invited his trainer to go sailing on a 16ft skiff, how could we refuse?

Jackson has been training at IntoYou since he, Clare, & Clare’s dad, sailed together for a season 5 years ago. Clare left the sport to have a family, and took up windsurfing, while Jackson caught a ride on a National Champion boat. Jackson has since honed his skills and moved out with a boat of his own, achieving 6th overall, sailing in the 2016 16ft skiff nationals.

He continued at this level until Feburary 2016, where he found himself without a crew. So the “old team” was back together for one race, and even though it was clear how out of practise Clare and her dad were, Jackson was good-natured until the end and everyone enjoyed themselves.

After the race, Jade hopped on board for the sailing experience of a lifetime, with a huge swell coming through the heads. It was a bumpy ride, and you can see she loses her footing a couple of times, but we had some lovely rides and everyone came home safe!


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