IntoMum: bright shiny butt training!!

Your butt is your largest core muscle, your biggest pelvic stabiliser, and a massive energy burner! Having a nice strong butt supports your lower back, holds your hips in place, and rips through calories – there are only  good reasons to train your butt. Properly that is – no Jane Fonda moves here!


Our Session Plan
1) 1km bike as fast as possible!
2) Duck walk – for your butt strength, maintain a pigeon-toed angle and take small steps sideways.
3) Step ups – functional movement for the thighs, butt, and balance.
4) Pelvic Bridge with elastic – for your butt and back muscles, to increase endurance strength.
5) Shuttle run – to keep the heart rate up, and good for your pelvic floor (that is if it doesn’t cause any weakness)
6) Squat with elastic – putting the muscles of the pelvic bridge into a whole body functional position.
7) Hamstring curl – for pelvic (butt/back/hamstring) stability and strength.


Sets of 1min for vibration exercises, and 20 reps for floor exercises. The shuttle run we did about 20m in between duck-walk legs. For those of you not ready to run (like if we are still managing a pelvic floor issue, bike sprints will suffice!) Have fun with it!

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