IntoMum are up for a bit of cardio

Our IntoMum’s found out, ”How important cardio can be this morning!! For some, the word ”Cardio” is a bad word and for others….It’s a joy and can’t get enough of it.

Cardio is any movement that gets your heart rate up, increase blood flow which increase your metabolism!!

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Whatever way you look at it. Cardiovascular exercise is one of the key components (like strength training) that should never be left out of a fitness plan.

Most of our IntoMum are performing cardio as a way to burn off excess calories (maybe from a good weekend)  but cardio is not only for fat loss. There are a wide variety of health benefits such as heart health, improve recovery (DOMS Delayed on set of muscle soreness!!!), increase metabolism, increase good hormones ”Serotonin” and you receive all that from a regular IntoMum session.


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IntoMum 100’s program

Warm up: 3 mins Power plate warm up or 5 mins Cardio on the Rower and 5 mins cool down on the power plate.

Exercise: As many rounds as you can within 20 mins to complete 100’s reps of each exercise.

You can move to another exercise at anytime, through this workout.

Squat jumps                          Hamstring Curls           Triceps Dips


Push up and clap           Skipping (count the jumps)      TRX Pull ups


Jumping lunges           Step ups                    Bunny Hops


Mountain Climbers (1 each leg = 1 Mountain climber)

        Cool down on the power plate!!!







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