Intervals and Yoga – Fat Burn Plus Flexibility!

This session utilizes the intense fat-burning action of 8/12sec intervals, with the flexibility benefits of some seriously intense Yoga.


First, hop on a bike, rower, treadmill, or grab a skipping rope and perform 15 x 8sec sprints, with a 12 sec break (go slow, don’t stop). This will take 5min.

Move to the Power Plate, and set it to 40htz, 60sec, Low. Your exercise is the Up & Down dog. Great for shoulder and spine flexibility, strength, and mobility.

Repeat your 8/12sec intervals for a further 12 reps (4min)

Move to the Power Plate and repeat the same settings. This time perform a Warrior (1) with a twist. Place the same arm and leg flat on the plate, and swing your free arm through your legs, and then up to the roof. Repeat on the other side. You will feel this in your legs, and maybe your waist.

Repeat your 8/12sec intervals for a further 9 reps (3min)

With a dumbell too heavy to bicep-curl, repeat 10-20 reps of a Single Arm Jerk (to chin) on each arm. This is for your core, abs, and back.

Repeat your 8/12sec intervals for a further 6 reps (2min)

10-20 x TRX Hip Drop (for your waist and back flexibility)

Repeat your 8/12sec intervals for a further 3 reps (1min)


FINISHED! The session should take 30min.

How do you feel?!

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