Interval training… resistance training style!

Today’s workout is an interval training session, using resistance exercises to get the heart rate up! This is a nice way to get strong, skinny, and fit simultaneously.


Each set of intervals is 2.5min, so you do 8 sets in 20min. The interval is 20 sec on, 10 sec off, running through the circuit in this pattern for the full time.

As always, we modified this for our mums who had pelvic floor problems, or other injuries.

  1. Burpee with push up and jump
  2. Left side plank with leg raise
  3. Walking lunges with a twist
  4. Right side plank and leg raise
  5. Travelling squat jumps

Keep your water close to you so that you can sip it between intervals! 10sec off is only long enough to move to the next exercise!


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