How Powerful Pattern Recognition Can Be, and Why a Personal Trainer is the BEST Person for it!

Pattern recognition is a powerful adaptation of all humans everywhere. However, most of the time it is for responsible stereotyping, and also a mental function called “confirmation bias”; where we look for evidence confirming our beliefs.  There is a shiny side to pattern recognition though (apart from survival that is!), and in this case it happened in the gym. 

I meet Annie not that long ago. She walked down the studio path on the odd chance someone was there. I had just finished my shift for the morning, we got chatting, and I took her for a session then and there. She was looking for movement, yoga, and meditation. I implement those elements with a movement flow, mobility, deep core work, and power plate meditation. Annie absolutely loved it and we started training together. 

Annie said “Jade is an exceptional knowledgeable caring person, very passionate about writing up the right training for her Clients. I was perfectly happy with my experience. Passionate, caring trainers who go above and beyond to help and advise. Her passion and integrity!”

While training, we discovered that something was not quite right with Annie’s health and we stopped training while Annie did some more investigating with her doctor. What I was seeing was not “normal” when I compared her to other women her age, in my 15yrs + of personal training and group exercise instruction. Furthermore, it was happening at odd occasions where I wouldn’t usually see those symptoms. We’ve kept in touch, but we no longer train because Annie was diagnosed with an illness (thankfully quite early!), but she’ll be back when she has received treatment and is recovered.

Personal training is a unique environment. We see the same people, in the same context, at the same time, week in and week out in a manner so consistent that we have noticed changes and successfully referred clients out for treatment for:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • PTSD
  • eating disorders
  • incontince
  • prolapse
  • cancer
  • and more

It is in this relationship that the value of a personal trainer lies. If you would like to book a complimentary session, you can do so here. If you have a story that you’d like to share with us, please comment on this post or email [email protected] ! Sharing stories like these are part of the positive feedback loop that keeps our trainers motivated to do more, do better, and enhance your lives on a daily basis.

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