How Our Obstacle Adventures Program is Something Special

Obstacle Adventures is about trying new things and testing yourself, but not waaay outside your comfort boundaries… just a little bit. Most people will initially say “I don’t think I’d be able to do it”. There’s a fear factor there that it’s too hard. However, like anything, if you start at the beginning, and put one foot in front of the other, then anyone can do it! Participants in our Obstacle Adventures program’s ages have ranged from their early twenties to their seventies with varying health and injury issues. 

It’s not about competing against everyone else,
it’s about doing the best you can do in a safe and supportive environment,
overcoming your fears, and feeling capable, strong, and adventurous!

The weeks of Obstacle Adventures training in different locations on the Northern Beaches helps prepare you for the challenge day. You’ll have the tools required to climb, crawl, hang and balance (for example) all the while gaining confidence, agility, and strength; and there is always fun, laughter, and friendly competitiveness (and cheating! 😊) to be had.


On the day of the Raw Challenge event, you can pick and choose which obstacles you feel you can at least attempt or complete. Over the last two years, I’ve seen participants, at a minimum, try more obstacles than they did the year before and also successfully complete at least one obstacle than they did not previously. It’s so inspiring to watch and I really enjoy seeing the pride in not only their own achievements but also in each other’s achievements.  


The Obstacle Adventures group provides such a supportive atmosphere. Everyone does the course together and helps each other whether it’s an offered knee to step on to climb a wall, a boost up, a hand held, a suggestion for hand or foot placement or encouraging words. No man or woman is left behind! Seeing the bonds created during the weeks of training and during the challenge and feeling the elation at the completion of the challenge from the group, is so enjoyable and satisfying to be a part of.

The fun continues with lunch included! The hype and adrenalin rush continues with lots of stories and more laughter! It’s a totally different experience for your body physically, as well as your sense of worth, and your self confidence. If you need a boost then perhaps this is the ticket!


Dates and details here, half program here, and single sessions here!

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