How Bootcamp Enhances Your Life! Summer Camp Block Two Starts

I have run a 12 week, life-enhancing bootcamp every year for 4 or 5 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how much fun it is, for me and my clients.

Every week we go somewhere new at 8am for 45 minutes; it is non-stop chat, laughter, friendly competition and of course, exercise. They never know what they are walking in to, but they trust me and know they’ll be able to participate. It’s such a positive way to kick off the weekend and I guarantee that despite how they’re feeling when they arrive, they feel 10 times better, more energetic, and happier when they leave.

I aim to design the session in such a way that they don’t realise how hard they’re working because they are having so much FUN!!! Before they know it, they are hot, sweaty, and puffing. Suckers!

We call it “Summer Camp”; because it’s sunny, fun, experiential, and completely omit’s the usual rack of punishments that most Bootcamp’s entail! Summer Camp is ‘Bootcamp, without the punish’ because the word ‘Bootcamp’ usually instils some sort of fear into a person – thinking they will be yelled out, pushed beyond their abilities, told to ‘drop and gimme 20’, or punish them for not doing good enough, being fast enough, or hurting themselves.

My Bootcamp is all inclusive, I have clients (30-75 years old) participate with injuries of/issues with hips, ankles, elbows, toes, shoulders, heart, as well as clients who are stressed in daily life. When they come they know they’ll be looked after, and that alternatives or rest will be given when they need it. Kids under 16 (and dogs) can come for free, join in with their parent or watch from the sidelines. We train come rain, hail or shine and trust me, we have trained a lot in the rain, but those sessions have still been so much fun; we embrace it and if possible, laugh even more!

Of course, the physical benefits to them for coming are obvious, we are moving, which is always good, but as the years have gone by I now think the mental health benefits are just as important, if not more so.

I watch them every week and from the minute they arrive they are checking in on each other and seeing how each other’s weeks have gone.

During the whole session they are encouraging each other, helping each other, and usually trying to cheat behind my back – but you know what, that’s ok too… it’s all part of the fun!!

After each session we go for coffee and carry on the chat, something they don’t have to do, they want to, because we enjoy each other’s company.

I asked a few of my Bootcampers how the sessions have enhanced their lives, and this is what they said….

      • Health, fitness, friendship, community, enthusiasm, caring, understanding, fun.

      • It’s fun! I get so caught up in the fun and games I don’t realise I’m working out. It’s varied each week so never boring. Our group is all ages and you modify according to our specific issues. I get a good laugh and workout all at the same time.

      • Invigorating, accessible to all, fosters connect and belonging, fun, encouraging, brief and intense, vigorous.

      • Movement and mobility

      • Exercise and fun with old friends and an opportunity to meet like minded people and make new friends.

      • Hilarious, hard, fun.

      • Great way to kick off the weekend, work out in lovely fresh air and finish with a cuppa coffee with a great bunch of mates.

      • Always worth getting out of bed for bootcamp. It’s always fun and inspiring.

Their words say it all and you would have noticed that the word ‘FUN’ came up a few times.

On that note here are just a few BENEFITS OF HAVING FUN – it’s a no brainer to incorporate it into exercise…

  1. Reduces stress

  2. Better sleep quality

  3. Increased creativity

  4. Improves social skills

  5. Better memory

  6. More energy

And here are a few BENEFITS OF EXERCISING OUTDOORS and we are so lucky to have such beautiful outdoor areas to play in…

  1. It’s a natural anti-depressant

  2. Outdoor terrain challenges your body

  3. Gives the chance to train with other people

  4. Better mood

  5. Gives the chance to try new things

  6. Adds variation to your weekly workout

These sessions are there to provide an outdoor exercise programme that’s SAFE, CHALLENGING and FUN so if you or someone you know have wanted to try it but are a little scared of it, this is the Bootcamp for you! Block 2 Summer Camp commences January 21st, 8am and includes a FREE coffee after the session! Details and rego here!

Love Charlie!

ps. You can book a complimentary session with me, and experience what fitness feels like when you incorporate mental health with movement here.

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