Hiking Workout From Hell

This workout is a cross-fit inspired session, and for those who are into adventure walks, like our little group preparing for the Inca Trail in July. we designed it by taking the heart-pounding crossfit format, and inserting our own, hiking-specific exercises, into the program in the place of theirs.


Warm up on a mini-stepper, cross trainer, stepping machine or treadmill. Warm up should be very light.

Pack on…

Each of the following exercises performed circuit-style, and repeated over and again until you have completed 100 reps (on each side):

  1. Knee repeater on Power Plate
  2. Step ups on 45cm step
  3. Walking lunges with weight at shoulders
  4. Pack on/ Pack off
  5. Thruster
Pack in motion

Once you have done your 100 reps, you have 4 choices:

  1. Leave
  2. Sit on a bike and yell “encouragement”
  3. Assist someone complete their exercises
  4. Keep training and add your reps to someone else’s score sheet

Have a solid cool down, lasting at least 5min on the equipment you warmed up on, and a decent 10min stretch. Total session will take about 1hr and 30min.

Pack off!

If you try it, let us know how it went you@into-you.com.au

Yay! We made it to the end!


Keep in mind that you can do as many repetitions as you like at any one time. They accumulate each time you come back to the exercise. More reps at once will give you more muscle burn – power- strength. Less at a time will be a heavier cardio session… from a training perspective it is a win-win!!

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