Hiking Weights

Training for a hike in Nepal is not just about being able to wander for hours at a time.

Firstly, we will be going up, and down, for hours. Sometimes at an incline, sometimes huge, uneven steps.

Secondly, we will be carrying packs, which raises our centre of gravity, make us less balanced. The packs also change the way we walk and hold ourselves, so we have to strengthen our back.

Thirdly, we won’t be walking down garden paths! The ground is uneven and varied, from mud to cobbles and everything in between, so we need our feet to respond to the changing terrain BEFORE we land flat on our faces!

With this in mind, we have a weights program just for off-trail hikers.

This weights program is designed to strengthen our back and legs in hiking positions, as well as increase the responsiveness of our feet, ankles, and core. You can view the program here:

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