Hiking Group 2019

We are mid way through this year’s hiking program, and although it’s not as intense as previous programs, it has been just as spectacular and rewarding! We have had a LOT of rain, but we have also discovered that it is not that bad… we just galosh-up and get going!

So far we have not ventured far, exploring some trails that we haven’t done before, and some that we have YEARS ago, along with the golden oldies like Manly Dam and Spit to Manly Hike!

On the October Long weekend we went to the Royal National park. We hiked for 5 hrs and did 15km on Saturday… in the rain … and then followed it up with 13km of hills on Sunday. We were joined by 9 year old Ava and 8 year old Evie, who were absolute troupers! They led the whole way and found time to play and draw in the sand on the beaches. Evie found a blue sea snail that stained her hands, which we found amusing!

Our accommodation was very nice on the IntoYou scale of things. Just as often as we stay in a hotel we camp! This year we booked a house through Stayz, and we were delighted to get a room to ourselves in a newly renovated house! Although with only one bathroom we had to take a shower in shifts. We ate in, tapas style, and celebrated Belinda’s milestone birthday with a prosecco and a few round of Cards Against Humanity, before retiring nice and early to recover for Sunday’s Hike.

Sunday was still 5hrs despite being 2km shorter, because it was a lot hillier! We also had several beach traverses across soft sand. Highlights of this day was seeing a bit of wildlife; deers, wallabies, and a few dragons. Gaye reported seeing whales every time she stopped… but these sightings were suspiciously only when noone else was looking… and we are not sure if we believe her!

Last week we had a very adventurous local hike – we didn’t get rained on… but we did hike through knee-deep water in our boots! It was liberating to get wet and dirty and enjoy nature! Alex managed to stay dry by bush-bashing around the puddles, and Sandra simply took her boots off, but it was so wet that they both did some knee-deep-water hiking by the end!

Next week we start heading out of Sydney and taking on some new trails!



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